Field Recording

Nocturnal Sounds of the Atlantic Forest

This album resulted out of a 3-week stay at the NGO premises of Iracambi, in Minas Gerais, Brazil. Living a very simple life in the middle of the forest increased my perception of the beauty and rhythm of the natural world. In pitch black nights, the forest blesses us with an incredible and hypnotic symphony. Nowhere near any town is possible to listen to such world. The album includes recordings made during these weeks from 7 in the afternoon through 7 in the morning. I prepared the equipment in advance and let it stay for the night, blended in the foliage. Half of the profit collected with the sales of this library will proceed to Iracambi as a donation. Have a magical journey!



Forests of the World

Participation in “Forests Of The World”: an international field recording project started by Tony Oudaimy in March 2016 aiming to capture the sound of forests around the world.

Sound professionals and artists from different countries submitted their recordings and the first compilation album was released on the 31st of July 2016


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