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The Wind Rises sound design analysis I – the oneiric realm of Jiro (part 1)

The oneiric realm in this analysis concerns the dreams that Jiro experiences when he is sleeping and the visions that predict the outcome of a new aircraft construction or of relevant events in the narrative. These visions (while lacking a better term for the intensive and complex world of Miyazaki) emerge on circumstance, many times illustrating the genius aircraft […]

How I came to record bits of the Atlantic Forest

The Atlantic Forest domain stretches from the northeastern to the southern regions of Brazil and northern Argentina and southeastern Paraguay. In the northeastern part of Brazil it occupies a thin coastal strip not exceeding 40 miles in width, while in the south it extends from the coast to as far as 200 miles inland. It  harbors around 2,200 species […]

A Sound Technician in a bullfighting arena (distress warning)

I came across this while scrolling down through facebook and after some thought I decided to translate it and share it (I apologise in advance for my unprofessional translation skills). I will try to open a small discussion in the end in the comments section.      Every time I worked on the sound part of […]