Wolf Field Recording Project


I started to write this post shortly after I launched a small funding campaign on Ko-Fi that would be able to cover the expenses of spending 12 days at Grupo Lobo.

However, in very short time, mostly due to the amazing sound community on Twitter, the total amount was covered.

You can find al the details on the Ko-Fi page linked above. I’m hoping to record wolves vocalisations and activities and I am very excited for the landscape I will be in. 18 hectare of hills, valleys covered with vegetation without traffic noise.

About a third of my time will also be spent with volunteering tasks: preparing food for the wolves, watching the territory and cleaning it up to prevent fires.

I have pre-ordered the Usi Pro mics for this and I might even borrow a pair of Sennheiser 8040‘s! I guess some of you know I miss them

If you would still like to contribute to get your rewards you can do it through the Ko-Fi page. For the people who contributed, I plan on doing short posts almost everyday when I am there. However, I don’t need more funding for this particular project. Of course it’s always welcome since times have been terribly tough but this particular project is covered.

And to all that contributed – THANK YOU! This is making an incredible difference in so many levels and I am deeply grateful. I might one day write a post about this if you don’t mind I touch on class and politics.

As always, feel free to reach out if you have any question or comment. I’ll reply to you asap.

Happy howling!


  1. Hi Melissa, always enjoy reading your posts. I am Portuguese and had no idea about Grupo Lobo. By the way you should check the link to it in your blog post as it’s incomplete. Looking forward to hearing more about this visit and the sounds you’ll capture. Best wishes, Juno.

    1. Hi Juno! Thanks for your comment.
      I will update the link 🙂
      I’ll start to write and post about the trip as soon as I get there.
      I loved your work about the Portuguese community in London!

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